“Back to Normal” Bianca Censori Finds Respite in Australia Away from Kanye West’s Artistic Influence

 “Back to Normal” Bianca Censori Finds Respite in Australia Away from Kanye West’s Artistic Influence


Bianca Censori, who married rapper Kanye West in 2022, recently took a trip to her native Australia, where she appeared to step away from her public persona, which often features as a dramatic element in West’s artistic expressions. According to a close friend who spoke to Page Six, Censori seemed “back to normal” during her visit, suggesting a temporary relief from her role as West’s muse.

Censori, a 29-year-old architect, is often seen in the public eye in bold, risqué outfits that have become synonymous with her identity since her marriage to West. However, her friend described how West treats her like “some dramatic installation of art,” a role that Censori temporarily sheds when she is away from him. “When she is not working as his muse,” her friend noted, she avoids the wild clothing that has become her public signature.

“It was very obvious to us that she was acting like she was off the clock from her job,” the friend spoke of Bianca who also shared how she donned a sweater dress to eat pasta with her parents at a café in Melbourne. They added, “When you look at all the press [about Censori and West], you would believe she has lost her mind, so it was good to see her with her family and being the person we remembered. The clothes were back to normal … there was nothing to suggest her time with Kanye has had a lasting effect.” Bianca’s pal also claimed that she’s still in contact with her family. “They haven’t been cut off and it was clear they still have plenty of contact with her. They would have been acting differently if this was some rescue from a cult-like leader!”

This brief return to her more conventional self was noted during her stay in Australia, where she was able to relax and enjoy a break from the constant scrutiny and expectations associated with her public life in the U.S. “Bianca was just taking it easy,” shared a source familiar with both Censori and West, indicating that her time in Australia served as a much-needed respite.

However, soon after her return to the public eye, Censori was spotted in Prato, Italy, dressed in her usual avant-garde fashion—a strikingly high-cut swimsuit and heels—while attending a Yeezy production meeting. This marked a return to her role associated with West’s brand and artistic vision.

Censori’s oscillation between these two modes—her personal, more reserved self when away from the limelight, and her public persona as West’s muse—highlights the complexities of maintaining a private identity while being closely tied to a figure as polarizing and public as Kanye West. Her ability to navigate these roles raises questions about the personal adjustments and compromises made in the shadow of such a significant public figure.

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