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The fate of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ is revealed amid Williams’ health issues

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Wendy Williams Show Its final episode will air on Friday, June 17th. Variety confirms the news. Wendy Williams, a famous daytime talk show host, was notably absent from the last season. Williams resigned owing to health concerns. In the last episode, Williams will not appear.

“The final original episode of The Wendy Williams Show will air on Friday, June 17th with a video tribute to the iconic host. The series comes to an end after 13 successful years in syndication,” The show’s spokesperson claimed in a statement that it was getting ready to air on April 8. Variety. During the 2021-22 season, Williams, who has had Graves’ illness for many years, will be replaced by a rotating panel of guest hosts, as pop culture reported.

In February, one of the guest hosts, Sherri Shepherd, was named as the new host. Wendy Williams Presents Her syndicated talk show, Title, shared the time slot. Sherri In the autumn. The final show of the day will be hosted by Shepherd. Despite being bumped from the fall schedule, Williams has maintained in multiple interviews that she intends to return to her show.

Last March, Williams was placed under financial guardianship. Williams accused Wells Fargo of fraud. Williams’ lawyer refuted any charges about her mental health. Last month, both Ira Bernstein (co-president of Debmar–Mercury) and Mort Marcus told the story. Variety They are open to working again with Williams “if she can come back and be healthy.” 

“It doesn’t mean the next day, but we will put it together and figure it out,” Bernstein said. “It’s not like we have a Plan B where we hit a button and it’s back in a week, but we do have the desire to be in business with her if she can come back and be healthy, and so does Fox.”

Marcus added, “Other than her health, she could have continued to keep doing it as long as she wanted. She was still getting a rating and she has a die-hard audience that turned it into a profitable show. We were protecting the business, while we waited for her. And at some point, we had to say, ‘We have a business to run and she’s not here.’ It was a hard call.”

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