“They Knew It Would Be Destroyed” Alec Baldwin’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal Over Evidence Mishandling

 “They Knew It Would Be Destroyed” Alec Baldwin’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal Over Evidence Mishandling

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In a recent court session, Alec Baldwin’s legal team called for the dismissal of the manslaughter charges against him, citing serious concerns over evidence mishandling. The focal point of the controversy is the destruction of the Colt .45 revolver, which is the key piece of evidence in Baldwin’s upcoming trial.

The actor is set to face trial in two weeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a movie set in October 2021. Baldwin has consistently denied pulling the trigger, asserting that the gun discharged without his intervention. His defense has argued that modifications had been made to the firearm, making it more susceptible to firing, told ABC.

However, the case took a significant turn when it was revealed that during forensic testing in 2022, an FBI examiner damaged the gun. The examiner reportedly used a mallet on the gun during tests, breaking internal components and rendering the hammer unable to stay in the fully cocked position.

John Bash, Baldwin’s attorney and a former U.S. Attorney during the Trump administration expressed his dismay over the handling of the gun during the examination. He criticized the failure to preserve the weapon’s integrity before the testing, noting that no efforts were made to disassemble the gun or photograph its internal mechanics beforehand.

“This is among the most egregious constellation of facts I’ve ever seen,” Bash stated in court. He further accused the investigators of knowingly allowing the destruction of the gun without taking measures to preserve it for the defense’s examination.

Bash’s argument underscores a critical issue in the legal proceedings against Baldwin, suggesting that the mishandling of such crucial evidence could undermine the fairness of the trial. The defense’s claim that the evidence was irrevocably altered during testing poses significant questions about procedural justice and the rights of the defendant to a fair trial.

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